Friday, November 14, 2008

Creating designs on leather with an embossing wheel

Leather is defined as the dressed hide of an animal. Some leather is softer than others, depending on the animal of origin. For example, the hide of a deer will produce soft leather.

Leather embossing involves allowing the leather to stretch so that it can hold a mark and leaves a three-dimensional image, of a letter for example, on the leather.

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The type of leather that is usually used for embossing is known as “veg tan” or vegetable tanned leather. You can get the leather you want to work with from a tannery.
The yellow pages of your local phone directory should help you to find a local tannery. However, if you choose to, there are companies on the Internet that also sell various kinds of leather. Individuals will sell leather on Ebay.

The embossing wheel is one of the tools used for creating designs on leather. Tools used for creating designs on leather are usually made of metal. They may be bought on the internet-from companies that specialize in producing those tools, at craft stores, or they may be bought from companies that supply leather or leather products.

Leather should be heavily moistened when you are about to begin embossing. This will allow a stiff design to form when the leather dries. Choose a wheel that has on the pattern you desire and attach it to the wheel carriage.

While gripping the handle firmly, roll the wheel on the “wrong” side of the leather, at the point where you want the design to appear. When the leather dries, the design will be raised on the right side.

If the metal is heated, it changes the color of the leather. It also allows for a deeper impression to be created in the leather. Leather craft is an art and work produced today will be enjoyed for years to come!

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