Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jamaican Writers: Colin Channer

Colin Channer has made a noteworthy impact on modern Jamaican writing. Presently, Colin Channer is known for his writing and editing, and the various other roles he has taken on in the world of writing.

He was one of the coordinators of the Calabash International Literary Festival in Jamaica.

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From the Writer’s Workshop that took place at Jamaica Calabash, the collection Iron Balloons: Hit Fiction was published. He prepared the anthology for publication. It is a collection of raw and uncensored writing which features work from a number of Jamaican writers such as Sharon Leach, Konrad Kirlew and Marlon James.

Colin Channer is the writer of the highly acclaimed novel, Waiting in Vain. The Washington Post selected Waiting in Vain as one of its Critic’s Choice choices.

Colin Channer has also written the following novels:
Satisfy my Soul
I’m Still Waiting
Passing Through

Jamaican authors such as Lorna Goodison, Colin Channer, Olive Senior, and Pamela Mordecai write on widespread themes. Some put pen to paper with wit, while others are entirely serious in their portrayal of their characters and their discussion of their topic.

Colin Channer’s work is known for combining sensuality, political affairs and comedy. He has said that he is fond of writing love stories because he likes the idea of love and he is a romantic.

His essays and short narratives have been published in the New York Times, Renaissance Noire and Essence. Colin Channer’s writing has also been printed in the Times Literary Supplement and Bomb.

To be sure, Colin Channer has made his mark on the literary landscape in Jamaica and overseas.

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