Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jamaican Singer Tessanne Chin Takes the Voice By Storm

Yay! Yay! Yay! That was my reaction after Jamaican singing sensation Tessanne Chin performed on The Voice for the first time. I regularly watch The Voice, switching over for that program after watching news on Jamaican channels. Like many other Jamaicans, I enjoy music and am attracted to any program that features talented singers.

I didn’t know Tessanne would be on that night. When I saw her picture flashed briefly near the end of the program, as a preview for who was coming next, I said to my husband, “That looks like Tessanne.” The 28 year old singer was about to perform on Season 5 and I knew she would represent Jamaica well.

Tessanne has been singing for a very long time. Like many Jamaicans, she is a hard worker who gives her all to whatever she is doing. I don’t know her personally but I have been a fan of her musical style for a long time. She has a beautiful voice and is an engaging performer.

She came to The Voice accompanied by loved ones including her father and her husband, Michael Cuffe. Tessanne is from a musical background. Her father is Richard Chin and her mother, Christine Chin. Both are talented musicians. Her husband works in radio and television. Her sister, Tami, is a singer who is married to a musical artiste as well, Wayne Marshall.

Tessanne has performed with Sir Jimmy Cliff and names that period as one of the highlights of her musical career. She toured with the Jamaican reggae great for three years.

Tessanne will be on Adam Levine’s team. All four of the judges hit their “I want you” button after she performed Pink’s, “Try”. Personally, I wanted her on Adam’s team because I feel that he is a hard worker who supports each artiste that he works with. His musical style is a good match for Tessanne’s. In her own songs, she combines reggae and rock with other genres of music.

I hope she wins- not just because I’m Jamaican but because she’s a talented singer. I know that a win would really boost her career. God bless you Tessanne.