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Miami Fashion Week Designers: Jamaican Fashion Designer Shenna Carby

Miami Fashion Week is the premier Latin American fashion event in the United States. Miami Fashion week has been in existence since 1999 and was started by former model Beth Sobol.

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The designs exhibited at Miami Fashion week come from international designers, hailing from countries such as Portugal, Serbia, Venezuela and France. Jamaica’s Shenna Carby and other Jamaican designers recently showed their designs at the fashion event.

Fashion Design Course: Principles, Practice and Techniques

Shenna Carby is the current winner of Mission Catwalk, a reality TV show that required contestants to compete using their skills as fashion designers.

Shenna Carby has natural talent and is a focused person. She has honed her talent in various ways, and trained at the prestigious Garmex HEART Academy in Kingston, Jamaica.

After winning the Mission Catwalk competition, Shenna went on to display her designs at Miami Fashion Week in the Untied States, where her designs wowed the audience. She showed a glamorous silk gown in gold and orange, and mustard colored dresses in several asymmetrical cuts. She also showed jumpers and other items of clothing designed with her own unique style.

Shenna’s designs have graced the catwalk at Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW). Her collection was a hit at Caribbean Fashion Week, where she showed a stunning wedding dress.

Shenna credits Mission Catwalk with helping to propel her career in fashion designing. Shenna’s designs range from casual wear to haute coutre.

Shenna’s casual line is available from Ammar’s stores in Jamaica. Her haute coutre line is available from Bling Bling exotic fashion store in Jamaica, which specializes in rare crystal jewelry and clothing.

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Rap Superstar Nicki Minaj to Perform in Jamaica at Reggae Sumfest

Hip hop superstar recording artiste Nicki Minaj is scheduled to perform at Reggae Sumfest 2011. Reggae Sumfest is the premier reggae show held every summer in the beautiful island of Jamaica. She will be on stage at the music festival on International Night, along with artistes such as R. Kelly, Jah Cure, and Wayne Wonder.

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Nicki Minaj is one of the hottest rappers around today. Although she has been performing for quite a while, her big break came when she was discovered by Lil Wayne, founder of the American rap label Young Money Entertainment. Young Money Entertainment is a brand name of Cash Money Records.

Nicki Minaj is currently signed to Young Money Entertainment and has been with the record label since 2009. She is regarded as the “first lady” of Young Money Entertainment. In February, Young Money Entertainment hosted a pre-Grammy soiree at The Lot, in West Hollywood. She was one of the rappers honored at the event and received a platinum check for her album, Pink Friday.

Even though she is a young rapper and relatively new on the scene, Nicki Minaj has already experienced tremendous success in the music industry. She has done collaborations with a number of artistes from different genres, including rap and reggae. She was the first artiste to have 7 songs on Billboards Hot 100 chart simultaneously.

The remix of the song, Hold Yuh, which she recorded with reggae artiste Gyption, has done extremely well in a number of countries. Her debut studio album Pink Friday has a lot of great songs that her fans will be looking forward to seeing her perform on stage at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica.

She will have a lot to offer patrons at Reggae Sumfest on International Night 2, on July 23.
Known as the Greatest Reggae Show on Earth, Reggae Sumfest has always had a wide cross section of recording artistes billed to perform. The music festival has always drawn people from across the world. The reggae beat and the spirit of the people create a musical event that is truly memorable.

This year, Reggae Sumfest will take place from July 17-July 23. Each night, the show will start in the evening and end in the early morning. The cost to attend each night of the music festival is U.S. $15 .Many patrons choose to buy a pass for all six nights.
Nicki Minaj at Reggae Sumfest-it’s a show that shouldn’t be missed.

Jamaican Writers: Colin Channer

Colin Channer has made a noteworthy impact on modern Jamaican writing. Presently, Colin Channer is known for his writing and editing, and the various other roles he has taken on in the world of writing.

He was one of the coordinators of the Calabash International Literary Festival in Jamaica.

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From the Writer’s Workshop that took place at Jamaica Calabash, the collection Iron Balloons: Hit Fiction was published. He prepared the anthology for publication. It is a collection of raw and uncensored writing which features work from a number of Jamaican writers such as Sharon Leach, Konrad Kirlew and Marlon James.

Colin Channer is the writer of the highly acclaimed novel, Waiting in Vain. The Washington Post selected Waiting in Vain as one of its Critic’s Choice choices.

Colin Channer has also written the following novels:
Satisfy my Soul
I’m Still Waiting
Passing Through

Jamaican authors such as Lorna Goodison, Colin Channer, Olive Senior, and Pamela Mordecai write on widespread themes. Some put pen to paper with wit, while others are entirely serious in their portrayal of their characters and their discussion of their topic.

Colin Channer’s work is known for combining sensuality, political affairs and comedy. He has said that he is fond of writing love stories because he likes the idea of love and he is a romantic.

His essays and short narratives have been published in the New York Times, Renaissance Noire and Essence. Colin Channer’s writing has also been printed in the Times Literary Supplement and Bomb.

To be sure, Colin Channer has made his mark on the literary landscape in Jamaica and overseas.

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Sundance Film Festival Dates 2012

Sundance film festival dates will be looked forward to with much anticipation next year. This year’s Sundance Film Festival saw many new films of exceptional quality, as well as many winners.

Sundance Film Festival winners in 2011 included Drake Droemus’ “Like Crazy” and Peter D. Richardson’s “How to Die in Oregon”. Who will be the Sundance Film Festival Winners in 2012?

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Sundance was one of the most popular among film festivals 2011. This is because the Sundance Film Festival is seen as one of the most important film festivals that are held every year. Although other film festivals, such as the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, have a number of attendees, Sundance is seen as the premier festival for filmmaking.

Sundance takes place every year in Utah, in the United States. The festival was started by actor Robert Redford over 30 years ago.

Sundance Film Festival dates for 2012 are January 22, 2012 to January 25, 2012. Movies 2011 will be considered in December for Sundance 2012.

The Sundance Film Festival dates will mark a significant point in the careers of most people who are involved in filmmaking. Filmmakers usually feel a sense of approval when their film makes it into the Sundance film Festival, because only the best of all quality productions for the season are shown there.

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Jamaican Writers: Pamela Mordecai

Jamaican writers such as Lorna Goodison, Colin Channer, Olive Senior, Pamela Mordecai write on universal themes. Some write with humor, while others are entirely serious in their portrayal of their characters and their discussion of their topic.

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Pamela Mordecai is a Jamaican writer, better known for her poetry and short stories. Pamela Mordecai is the author of ‘Pink Icing and Other Stories’.

She is also known as a literary critic and playwright. The Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People in Toronto Canada commissioned one of her plays, “El Numero Uno or the Pig from Lopinot”.

Pamela Mordecai is active among Caribbean writers and has published several anthologies of Caribbean writing. She has also published several non-fiction works, including textbooks. She and her sister Betty edited the foundational text on Caribbean women’s writing, Her True-True Name.

Her True-True name contains work written by more than 30 different Caribbean female poets and writers.

As a poet, she is one of several other Jamaican poets who have been invited to perform their poetry at the well-known Woodstock Poetry Festival in New York. Kwame Dawes and Professor Edward Baugh are some of the other Jamaican poets who have been invited to do poetry readings at Woodstock in the past.

She was born in Jamaica and first started writing at the age of nine. To date, she has published more than 28 books.

She and her husband formed the publishing house The Sandberry Press, which is located in Canada, where she currently lives.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Colleges and Universities Offering a Postgraduate Art therapy degree

An art therapy degree at any one of these colleges or universities will provide you with the training and qualifications you need to build a career helping people through the use of art. If you have a desire to help children and adults to heal emotionally, or psychologically, pursuing a career in expressive therapies may be perfect for you.

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An art therapy degree is offered at the following Universities and Colleges:
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Southwestern College, New Mexico
Naropa University
Hofstra University
Adler School of Professional Psychology
Notre Dame de Namur University
Pratt Institute