Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to express yourself in the style of the Orient by using a bamboo brush

A bamboo brush is a brush constructed with a bamboo handle and animal hair. The foundational idea of Chinese and Japanese brush painting is that less is more.
This article teaches about basic tools and techniques used in Japanese and Chinese brush painting.

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Brush strokes come in all lengths and widths and with varying levels of curvature.
When exploring brush technique in this fashion, to stay as true to form as possible, it is better that you work with water based media such as watercolours or inks.
1. Lines with tapered ends. When completing a stroke, lift the hairs of the brush off the paper/surface slowly.
2. Remember that a brush can be held against a surface horizontally, it has a tip, it can be moved quickly as well as slowly. Practice all these movements until your hand becomes used to each of them.
3. Quite often a small gap is left between brush strokes. Think of the effect that has on the general appearance of the subject of the painting.
4. When making a vertical stroke, begin at the top and end the stroke towards the bottom of the paper/surface.
5. When making a horizontal stroke, sweep your hand from the left, to the right of the paper/surface.
6. To make the short fat strokes known as dot strokes, apply a dot moving right and pause.

7. To do ‘flying white’, move the brush quickly, while applying pressure. This will cause the hairs of the brush to separate, leaving white spaces in the ink, and giving an impression of strength and speed.

8. Practice makes perfect!

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