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History of Fishing in Alligator Pond Jamaica- Beach and Outdoor Travel Destinations in the Caribbean

Alligator Pond in Jamaica is one of the island’s better known tourist attractions. People who come to this part of the island are usually more interested in eco tourism. These visitors from other countries and other parts of the island are also more likely to learn more about Jamaican culture, participate in regular daily activities and form long lasting friendships.

 Alligator Pond, Jamaica- via Wikimedia

This fishing area is as much about work as play. It is named after the Don Figueroa Mountains in the background, which resemble an alligator’s back. When you come to this area, you are likely to leave with a solid education on the different types of fish that are to be found in the nearby waters and in the wider Caribbean Sea. If you enjoy fishing with a rod and reel and are interested in doing it away from home, the south coast is the ideal place to do so.

The fisherman’s village is found in St. Elizabeth, an area which is famous for hot, spicy peppered shrimp and other seafood. St. Elizabeth is on the South coast of the Land of Wood and Water and boasts beautiful black sand beaches. If you are not interested in seeing local fishermen at work but want to sample the freshest seafood, you can get it at a good price from the women who sell the morning’s catch there.

You can sample Jamaican Appleton or Wray and Nephew rum, or have a Bigga soda or some fruit juice with a dish of hot and spicy curried mutton, served over white rice. Add your favorite vegetables and the cool Caribbean breeze and you are good to go. This working coast is 2 hours and twenty minutes from Kingston.

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