Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making nails beautiful with artistic nail designs

Beautiful nails can be created in many ways. One can step from a basic nail job to a French manicure, or decorate with rhinestones stickers, glitter, or with patterns created by using round steel stencils.

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If you or your manicurist has good drawing skills, a unique design may also be painted on by hand. If you are going to paint by hand you will need such tools as a liner brush, a small one.
After you paint on the basic nail color, give it some time to dry. Then, you can begin painting.

Paint the wider spaces on your design in basic, even strokes with the liner brush. For thin curved or straight lines use a striper brush. The type of brush you use will match the thickness of the line or space you want to paint.

Nail art pens allow you to create art that looks like an air brushed design. One particular brand has a brush on one end and a drawing tip on the other end.

Your nails make a great painting surface and you carry the art everywhere.

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