Monday, October 27, 2008

wood stain-applying to a wooden chair

How to Stain a Wooden Chair

Many of us may have an old wooden chair-perhaps in the kitchen or in our workspace-that we would like to give a new look. Any wooden article can be changed in appearance by staining it.

A stain is a mix of a solvent, pigment and a binding agent. A stain gives protection to wood and also enhances the grain of the wood. Stains are easy to use.
Stains come in many different traditional and contemporary colors. Imagine your chair with a protective covering the shade of green tea, honey dew or English oak!

The color you use will affect the look of the room your chair is placed in. If you use a dark color, it will make your room feel more clustered, whereas a lighter color will give more of an appearance of space to the room.

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Projects like this are best done outside, so the dust and fumes from the chemicals you will be working with don’t make you, or your family members ill.

Remove any old varnish or layer of protection on the chair’s surface. If you don’t, the new stain will not adhere properly to the surface. You can do this with sandpaper. Make sure you wipe the surfaces of the chair clean of the dust left over from sanding.

Test the color at a spot on the chair that is inconspicuous, so that if it is not exactly what you imagined, you can make corrections or adjustments.
Mix the stain well to make sure the pigment is evenly distributed throughout.
Apply the stain using a synthetic bristle brush or a soft rag. If you have gloves use them. Your hands will be protected.

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