Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jamaican Writers: Pamela Mordecai

Jamaican writers such as Lorna Goodison, Colin Channer, Olive Senior, Pamela Mordecai write on universal themes. Some write with humor, while others are entirely serious in their portrayal of their characters and their discussion of their topic.

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Pamela Mordecai is a Jamaican writer, better known for her poetry and short stories. Pamela Mordecai is the author of ‘Pink Icing and Other Stories’.

She is also known as a literary critic and playwright. The Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People in Toronto Canada commissioned one of her plays, “El Numero Uno or the Pig from Lopinot”.

Pamela Mordecai is active among Caribbean writers and has published several anthologies of Caribbean writing. She has also published several non-fiction works, including textbooks. She and her sister Betty edited the foundational text on Caribbean women’s writing, Her True-True Name.

Her True-True name contains work written by more than 30 different Caribbean female poets and writers.

As a poet, she is one of several other Jamaican poets who have been invited to perform their poetry at the well-known Woodstock Poetry Festival in New York. Kwame Dawes and Professor Edward Baugh are some of the other Jamaican poets who have been invited to do poetry readings at Woodstock in the past.

She was born in Jamaica and first started writing at the age of nine. To date, she has published more than 28 books.

She and her husband formed the publishing house The Sandberry Press, which is located in Canada, where she currently lives.

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