Saturday, August 20, 2011

Miami Fashion Week Designers: Jamaican Fashion Designer Shenna Carby

Miami Fashion Week is the premier Latin American fashion event in the United States. Miami Fashion week has been in existence since 1999 and was started by former model Beth Sobol.

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The designs exhibited at Miami Fashion week come from international designers, hailing from countries such as Portugal, Serbia, Venezuela and France. Jamaica’s Shenna Carby and other Jamaican designers recently showed their designs at the fashion event.

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Shenna Carby is the current winner of Mission Catwalk, a reality TV show that required contestants to compete using their skills as fashion designers.

Shenna Carby has natural talent and is a focused person. She has honed her talent in various ways, and trained at the prestigious Garmex HEART Academy in Kingston, Jamaica.

After winning the Mission Catwalk competition, Shenna went on to display her designs at Miami Fashion Week in the Untied States, where her designs wowed the audience. She showed a glamorous silk gown in gold and orange, and mustard colored dresses in several asymmetrical cuts. She also showed jumpers and other items of clothing designed with her own unique style.

Shenna’s designs have graced the catwalk at Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW). Her collection was a hit at Caribbean Fashion Week, where she showed a stunning wedding dress.

Shenna credits Mission Catwalk with helping to propel her career in fashion designing. Shenna’s designs range from casual wear to haute coutre.

Shenna’s casual line is available from Ammar’s stores in Jamaica. Her haute coutre line is available from Bling Bling exotic fashion store in Jamaica, which specializes in rare crystal jewelry and clothing.

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